Jewry to Juxtaposition

Jewry, n. Judea.

Jews-pitch, n. Asphaltum.

Jezebel, n. Fury, Gorgon, brazen woman, virago, she-monster.

Jiffy, n. (Colloq.) Instant, moment, second, twinkling, trice, flash, twinkling of an eye.

Jigger, n.

    1. Throw, potter’s wheel.
    2. (Ent.) Chigre (Pulex penetrans).

Jiggumbob, n. (Comic.) Trinket, toy, gimcrack, knick-knack, bawble, gewgaw.

Jilt, n. Coquette, flirt.

Jilt, v. a. Trick or deceive (by playing the jilt).

Jilt, v. n. Play the jilt.

Jingle, v. n. [Written also Gingle.] Tinkle.

Jingle, n. Tinkling, jingling, jingling sound, tintinnabulation.

Jingling, n. See Jingle.

Job, n. Piece of work.

Job, v. n. Do job-work, work at jobs.

Jobbernowl, n. (Low comic.) Simpleton, fool. See Dunce.

Job-work, n. Piece-work.

Jockey, n.

    1. Horse-jockey, dealer in horses.
    2. Cheat, swindler, sharper, rogue, trickster, knave, impostor, blackleg, shark.

Jockey, v. a. Cheat, trick, deceive, gull, dupe, over-reach, cozen, chouse, outwit, bamboozle, circumvent, delude, hoodwink, beguile, mislead, inveigle, gammon, impose upon, humbug (colloq.).

Jocose, a. Jocular, facetious, humorous, witty, waggish, droll, funny, comical, sportive, merry.

Jocoseness, n. See Jocularity.

Jocular, a. See Jocose.

Jocularity, n. Jocoseness, facetiousness, waggishness, waggery, drollery, sportiveness, merriment, pleasantry, mirth, fun.

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