Duly, ad.

    1. Properly, fitly, befittingly, decorously, in a suitable manner.
    2. Regularly, in course, at the proper time.

Dumb, a.

    1. Unable to speak, incapable of speech.
    2. Mute, speechless, silent.

Dumb-show, n. Pantomime.

Dumb-waiter, n. See dummy.

Dumfound, Dumfounder, v. a. (Colloq.) Confuse, confound, pose, nonplus, strike dumb, astound, amaze.

Dummador, n. Cockchafer, dor, dor-bug, May-bug, tree-beetle, May-beetle, dumbledor (Melolontha vulgaris).

Dummy, n.

    1. Mute, dumb person.
    2. (Colloq.) Dumb-waiter.
    3. Fourth hand (when only three persons play at whist).

Dumpish, a. Sad, dejected, dispirited, despondent, moping. See melancholy, a.

Dumps, n. pl. Dejection, depression, sadness, despondency, blues, blue devils. See melancholy, n.

Dumpy, a. Short and thick (in person), squat.

Dun, a. Dull brown, yellowish-brown, drab.

Dun, v. a. Press (for a debt), importune, urge.

Dun, n.

    1. Importunate creditor.
    2. Dunning letter.

Dunce, n. Simpleton, fool, dolt, ignoramus, witling, wiseacre, blockhead, block, numskull, dullard, thickhead, thick-skull, dunderhead, dunderpate, clodpoll, clodpate, beetle-head, bull-head, dull-head, addle-head, logger-head, chuckle-head, jolt-head, lack-brain, shallow-brain, moon-calf, lackwit, halfwit, oaf, changeling,

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