Jacobite, n.

    1. Adherent of the Stuarts or (especially) of James 11.
    2. Monophysite, Eutychian.

Jaculate, v. a. Dart, throw, launch, hurl, let fly.

Jaculation, n. Darting, throwing, hurling, launching.

Jade, n.

    1. Hack, tired horse, worthless horse.
    2. Hussy, quean, base woman, sorry wench.
    3. Young woman (in irony or slight contempt).
    4. Jade-stone, tremolite, nephritic stone, nephrite.

Jade, v. a. Tire, weary, fatigue, fag, exhaust, tire out.

Jag, n. Notch, denticulation, protuberant point.

Jagged, a. Notched, serrated, indented, denticulated, cleft, divided, uneven, ragged (on the edges).

Jaggedness, n. Unevenness, raggedness (on the edges).

Jaguar, n. American tiger (Felis onça).

Jah, n. Jehovah, Jahweh, Jahveh.

Jahveh, Jahweh, n. Jehovah, Jah.

Jail, n. [Written also, but not commonly, Gaol.] Prison, penitentiary, bridewell, workhouse, house of correction.

Jakes, n. Privy, necessary, latrine, water-closet.

Jam, v. a. Press, crowd, squeeze tight.

Jam, n.

    1. Conserve (boiled in mass), thick preserve.
    2. Pressure (from a crowd), crowding.
    3. Crowd, throng, pack, press, mass of people (crowded together).

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