Hoot at to Human

Hoot at. Cry out against. See hoot, v. a.

Hop, v. n.

    1. Spring or leap on one leg or foot.
    2. Leap, bound, jump, skip, spring, caper, frisk, frisk about.
    3. Dance, trip.
    4. Limp, halt, hobble, walk lame.

Hop, n.

    1. Leap, bound, jump, spring, skip, caper.
    2. Dance.

Hope, n.

    1. Trust, confidence, faith, reliance.
    2. Expectancy, trustful longing, waiting under the possibility of fulfilment, sense of possible fulfilment.
    3. Possibility of good, chance of the desired end, room for expectation, chance of a favorable result.
    4. Reliance, dependence, object of trust or reliance, ground of confidence.

Hope, v. a. Await (something agreeable), hope for, trustingly long for.

Hope, v. n. Trust, wait in trustful longing, indulge or entertain a hope, be in hopes, live in hopes, look on the bright side, flatter one’s self.

Hope for. Long for with trust. See hope, v. a.

Hopeless, a.

    1. Despairing, desperate, forlorn, disconsolate, downcast, crushed.
    2. Remediless, irremediable, incurable, past cure, helpless, past help.
    3. Impossible, impracticable.

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