4. Fit or furnish with hooks, apply hooks to.

Hooked, a. Bent, curved, curvated, hamate.

Hook-nose, n. Aquiline nose, hooked nose.

Hoop, n.

    1. Ring, circlet, band.
    2. Farthingale, crinoline, hoop-skirt, hoop-petticoat.

Hoop, v. a.

    1. Bind, fasten with hoops, put hoops upon or around.
    2. Clasp, enclose, encircle, surround.

Hooper, n. Wild swan (Cygnus ferus).

Hooping-cough, n. [Written also Whooping-cough.] Chin-cough, pertussis.

Hoop-skirt, n. Hoop, farthingale, crinoline, hoop-petticoat.

Hoot, v. n.

    1. Shout or cry out or yell in contempt.
    2. Cry like an owl.

Hoot, v. a. Execrate, denounce, hiss, cry down, cry out against, hoot at.

Hoot, n. Shout or cry or outcry or yell of contempt.

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