Hog-nut to Hoot

Hog-nut, n. Pig-nut, broom-hickory (Juglans glabra).

Hog-sty, n. Hog-pen, pig-sty, pig-pen.

Hoiden, a. [Written also Hoyden.] Rustic, rude, inelegant, uncouth, ungenteel, unlicked, hoidenish, rough, rude, ill-taught, ill-behaved, ill-mannered.

Hoiden, n. Romp, tomboy, rude bold girl.

Hoidenish, a. See hoiden, a.

Hoist, v.a. Raise, lift, elevate, heave, raise up.

Hoist, n. Lift, heave.

Hold, v.a.

    1. Grasp, clutch, clinch, gripe or grip.
    2. Possess, retain, have, occupy, keep possession of.
    3. Restrain, confine, detain, imprison, shut in, shut up, hem in.
    4. Bind, fasten, unite, connect.
    5. Stop, stay, arrest, suspend, withhold, keep in check.
    6. Maintain, support, continue, sustain, prosecute, keep up, carry on.
    7. Embrace, entertain, cherish, take as true.
    8. Think, regard, consider, believe, judge, esteem, count, account, reckon, deem.
    9. Contain, admit, take in, have a capacity for.
    10. Celebrate, solemnize.
    11. Assemble, convene, call together.

Hold, v. n.

    1. Be firm, be fast, continue unbroken, not break, not give way.
    2. Continue, remain, persist, last, endure.

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