Humane to Hysteric

Humane, a.

    1. Kind, benevolent, benignant, obliging, accommodating, tender, sympathetic, charitable, compassionate, clement, gentle, kindhearted, tender-hearted, good-hearted.
    2. Proper to man, manlike, worthy of man.
    3. Elevating, refining, cultivating, humanizing, spiritual, rational.

Humanist, n. Student of polite literature, devotee of culture.

Humanities, n. pl. [With The prefixed.] Belleslettres, polite literature, elegant literature, literature as the vehicle of cultivated reason, literature as the union of truth and beauty.

Humanity, n.

    1. Human nature.
    2. Mankind, the human race.
    3. Kindness, benevolence, benignity, philanthropy, tenderness, sympathy, charity, humaneness, kind- heartedness, fellow-feeling, good nature, milk of human kindness.
    4. Human spirit, spirit or essence of man, reason, rationality, culture, spirit of truth and beauty.

Humanize, v. a.

    1. Soften, make humane.
    2. Civilize, cultivate, refine, polish, improve, enlighten, educate, reclaim from barbarism, fill with sensibility to justice, truth, and beauty.

Humble, a.

    1. Meek, modest, unassuming, unpretending, unobtrusive, lowly, submissive, free from pride, free from haughtiness, without arrogance.
    2. Low, small, poor, unpretending.

Humble, v. a.

    1. Humiliate, shame, mortify, degrade, crush, break, subdue, abash, make ashamed, bring down, put down, take down, put out of countenance.

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