Hop-hornbeam, n. American ironwood (Ostrya Virginica).

Hop-o’-my-thumb, n. Dwarf, pygmy.

Hoppers, n. pl. Hop-scotch, scotch-hoppers.

Hopple, v. a. Fetter (an animal), hobble.

Hopples, n. pl. Fetters (for animals), hobbles.

Hop-scotch, n. Hoppers, scotch-hoppers.

Horde, n.

    1. Gang (not living in fixed habitations), troop, crew, clan, migratory company or throng.
    2. [Usually in pl.] Multitude, throng, crowd, vast number, great crowd.

Horizontal, a. Level, parallel to the horizon.

Horn, n.

    1. Bony excrescence or projection.
    2. Horny matter or material.
    3. Trumpet, wind-instrument.
    4. Drinking-cup, beaker.
    5. (Bot.) Spur.
    6. Cusp, curved extremity, prong, wing (of a battle line).

Horn, v. a.

    1. Fit or furnish with horns, shape like a horn.
    2. Cuckold

Hornbook, n. Primer.

Horned-screamer, n. Kamichi (Palamedea cornuta).

Horn-fish, n. Greenbone, sea-needle, gar-pike, gar-fish, sea-pike, long-nose, gore-bill, sword-fish, mackerel- guide, horn-pike (Esox belone or Belone vulgaris).

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