, a sailor who is practically conversant with all the duties of common seamanship. Ordinary seaman. See Ordinary.

(Sea"man*like`) a. Having or showing the skill of a practical seaman.

(Sea"man*ship), n. The skill of a good seaman; the art, or skill in the art, of working a ship.

Sea mantis
(Sea" man"tis) (Zoöl.) A squilla.

Sea marge
(Sea" marge`) Land which borders on the sea; the seashore. Shak.

You are near the sea marge of a land teeming with life.
J. Burroughs.

(Sea"mark`) n. Any elevated object on land which serves as a guide to mariners; a beacon; a landmark visible from the sea, as a hill, a tree, a steeple, or the like. Shak.

Sea mat
(Sea" mat`) (Zoöl.) Any bryozoan of the genus Flustra or allied genera which form frondlike corals.

Sea maw
(Sea" maw`) (Zoöl.) The sea mew.

(Seamed) a. (Falconry) Out of condition; not in good condition; — said of a hawk.

(Sea"-mell`) n. (Zoöl.) The sea mew.

Sea mew
(Sea" mew`) (Zoöl.) A gull; the mew.

Sea mile
(Sea" mile`) A geographical mile. See Mile.

Sea milkwort
(Sea" milk"wort`) (Bot.) A low, fleshy perennial herb (Glaux maritima) found along northern seashores.

(Seam"ing) n.

1. The act or process of forming a seam or joint.

2. (Fishing) The cord or rope at the margin of a seine, to which the meshes of the net are attached.

Seaming machine, a machine for uniting the edges of sheet-metal plates by bending them and pinching them together.

(Seam"less), a. Without a seam.

Christ's seamless coat, all of a piece.
Jer. Taylor.

Sea monk
(Sea" monk`) (Zoöl.) See Monk seal, under Monk.

Sea monster
(Sea" mon"ster) (Zoöl.) Any large sea animal.

Sea moss
(Sea" moss`) (Zoöl.) Any branched marine bryozoan resembling moss.

Sea mouse
(Sea" mouse`) (Zoöl.) (a) A dorsibranchiate annelid, belonging to Aphrodite and allied genera, having long, slender, hairlike setæ on the sides. (b) The dunlin.

(Seam"ster) n. [See Seamstress.] One who sews well, or whose occupation is to sew. [Obs.]

Able seaman

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