Sea-otter's cabbage(Bot.), a gigantic kelp of the Pacific Ocean See Nereocystis.

Sea owl
(Sea" owl`) (Zoöl.) The lumpfish.

Sea pad
(Sea" pad`) (Zoöl.) A starfish.

Sea parrot
(Sea" par"rot) (Zoöl.) The puffin.

Sea partridge
(Sea" par"tridge) (Zoöl.) The gilthead a fish of the British coasts.

Sea pass
(Sea" pass`) A document carried by neutral merchant vessels in time of war, to show their nationality; a sea letter or passport. See Passport.

Sea peach
(Sea" peach`) (Zoöl.) A beautiful American ascidian (Cynthia, or Halocynthia, pyriformis) having the size, form, velvety surface, and color of a ripe peach.

Sea pear
(Sea" pear`) (Zoöl.) A pedunculated ascidian of the genus Boltonia.

(Sea"-pen") n. (Zoöl.) A pennatula.

(Seam"stress) n. [From older seamster, properly fem., AS. seámestre. See Seam.] A woman whose occupation is sewing; a needlewoman.

(Seam"stress*y) n. The business of a seamstress.

Sea mud
(Sea" mud`) A rich slimy deposit in salt marshes and along the seashore, sometimes used as a manure; — called also sea ooze.

(Seam"y) a. Having a seam; containing seams, or showing them. "Many a seamy scar." Burns.

Everything has its fair, as well as its seamy, side.
Sir W. Scott.

(Sean) n. A seine. See Seine. [Prov. Eng.]

(||Sé`ance") n. [F., fr. L. sedens, -entis, p. pr. of sedere to sit. See Sit.] A session, as of some public body; especially, a meeting of spiritualists to receive spirit communications, so called.

Sea needle
(Sea" nee"dle) (Zoöl.) See Garfish (a).

Sea nettle
(Sea" net`tle) A jellyfish, or medusa.

(Sean"na*chie) n. [Gael. seanachaidh.] A bard among the Highlanders of Scotland, who preserved and repeated the traditions of the tribes; also, a genealogist. [Written also sennachy.] [Scot.]

Sea onion
(Sea" on"ion) (Bot.) The officinal squill. See Squill.

Sea ooze
(Sea" ooze`) Same as Sea mud. Mortimer.

Sea orange
(Sea" or"ange) (Zoöl.) A large American holothurian (Lophothuria Fabricii) having a bright orange convex body covered with finely granulated scales. Its expanded tentacles are bright red.

(Sea"-orb`) n. (Zoöl.) A globefish.

Sea otter
(Sea" ot"ter) (Zoöl.) An aquatic carnivore (Enhydris lutris, or marina) found in the North Pacific Ocean. Its fur is highly valued, especially by the Chinese. It is allied to the common otter, but is larger, with feet more decidedly webbed.

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