Seacoast to Sea louse

(Sea"coast`) n. The shore or border of the land adjacent to the sea or ocean. Also used adjectively.

Sea cob
(Sea" cob`) (Zoöl.) The black-backed gull.

Sea cock
(Sea" cock`)

1. In a steamship, a cock or valve close to the vessel's side, for closing a pipe which communicates with the sea.

2. (Zoöl.) (a) The black-bellied plover. (b) A gurnard, as the European red gurnard

Sea cocoa
(Sea" co"coa) (Bot.) A magnificent palm (Lodoicea Sechellarum) found only in the Seychelles Islands. The fruit is an immense two-lobed nut. It was found floating in the Indian Ocean before the tree was known, and called sea cocoanut, and double cocoanut.

Sea colander
(Sea" col"an*der) (Bot.) A large blackfish seaweed the frond of which is punctured with many little holes.

Sea colewort
(Sea" cole"wort`) (Bot.) Sea cabbage.

Sea compass
(Sea" com"pass) The mariner's compass. See under Compass.

Sea coot
(Sea" coot`) (Zoöl.) A scoter duck.

Sea corn
(Sea" corn`) (Zoöl.) A yellow cylindrical mass of egg capsules of certain species of whelks which resembles an ear of maize.

Sea cow
(Sea" cow`) (Zoöl.) (a) The mantee. (b) The dugong. (c) The walrus.

Sea crawfish
(Sea" craw"fish` Sea" cray"fish`) (Zoöl.) Any crustacean of the genus Palinurus and allied genera, as the European spiny lobster which is much used as an article of food. See Lobster.

Sea crow
(Sea" crow`) (Zoöl.) (a) The chough. [Ireland] (b) The cormorant. (c) The blackheaded pewit, and other gulls. (d) The skua. (e) The razorbill. [Orkney Islands] (f) The coot.

Sea cucumber
(Sea" cu"cum*ber) (Zoöl.) Any large holothurian, especially one of those belonging to the genus Pentacta, or Cucumaria, as the common American and European species.

Sea dace
(Sea" dace`) (Zoöl.) The European sea perch.

Sea daffodil
(Sea" daf"fo*dil) (Bot.) A European amaryllidaceous plant

Sea devil
(Sea" dev`il) (Zoöl.) (a) Any very large ray, especially any species of the genus Manta or Cephaloptera, some of which become more than twenty feet across and weigh several tons. See also Ox ray, under Ox. (b) Any large cephalopod, as a large Octopus, or a giant squid See Devilfish. (c) The angler.

Sea dog
(Sea" dog`)

1. (Zoöl.) The dogfish. (b) The common seal.

2. An old sailor; a salt. [Colloq.]

Sea dotterel
(Sea" dot"ter*el) (Zoöl.) The turnstone.

Sea dove
(Sea" dove`) (Zoöl.) The little auk, or rotche. See Illust. of Rotche.

Sea dragon
(Sea" drag"on) (Zoöl.) (a) A dragonet, or sculpin. (b) The pegasus.

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