Searchable to Seawan

(Search"a*ble) a. Capable of being searched.

(Search"a*ble*ness), n. Quality of being searchable.

(Search"er) n. [Cf. OF. cercheor inspector.] One who, or that which, searches or examines; a seeker; an inquirer; an examiner; a trier. Specifically: (a) Formerly, an officer in London appointed to examine the bodies of the dead, and report the cause of death. Graunt. (b) An officer of the customs whose business it is to search ships, merchandise, luggage, etc. (c) An inspector of leather. [Prov. Eng.] (d) (Gun.) An instrument for examining the bore of a cannon, to detect cavities. (e) An implement for sampling butter; a butter trier. (j) (Med.) An instrument for feeling after calculi in the bladder, etc.

(Search"ing), a. Exploring thoroughly; scrutinizing; penetrating; trying; as, a searching discourse; a searching eye. "Piercing, searching, biting, cold." Dickens.

Search"ing*ly, adv.Search"ing*ness, n.

(Search"less), a. Impossible to be searched; inscrutable; impenetrable.

(Sear"cloth`) n. Cerecloth. Mortimer.

(Sear"cloth), v. t. To cover, as a sore, with cerecloth.

(Seared) a. Scorched; cauterized; hence, figuratively, insensible; not susceptible to moral influences.

A seared conscience and a remorseless heart.

(Sear"ed*ness) n. The state of being seared or callous; insensibility. Bp. Hall.

Sea reed
(Sea" reed`) (Bot.) The sea-sand reed. See under Reed.

Sea risk
(Sea" risk) Risk of injury, destruction, or loss by the sea, or while at sea.

Sea robber
(Sea" rob"ber) A pirate; a sea rover.

Sea robin
(Sea" rob"in) See under Robin, and Illustration in Appendix.

Sea rocket
(Sea" rock"et) (Bot.) See under Rocket.

Sea room
(Sea" room`) (Naut.) Room or space at sea for a vessel to maneuver, drive, or scud, without peril of running ashore or aground. Totten.

Sea rover
(Sea" rov"er) One that cruises or roves the sea for plunder; a sea robber; a pirate; also, a piratical vessel.

(Sea"-rov"ing), a. Cruising at random on the ocean.

Sea salmon
(Sea" salm"on) (Zoöl.) (a) A young pollock. (b) The spotted squeteague. (c) See Sea bass (b).

Sea salt
(Sea" salt`) Common salt, obtained from sea water by evaporation.

Sea sandpiper
(Sea" sand"pi`per) (Zoöl.) The purple sandpiper.

Sea sandwort
(Sea" sand"wort`) (Bot.) See Sea chickweed.

Sea saurian
(Sea" sau"ri*an) n. (Zoöl.) Any marine saurian; esp. (Paleon.), the large extinct species of Mosasaurus, Ichthyosaurus, Plesiosaurus, and related genera.

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