(Sap"id) a. [L. sapidus, fr. sapere to taste: cf. F. sapide. See Sapient, Savor.] Having the power of affecting the organs of taste; possessing savor, or flavor.

Camels, to make the water sapid, do raise the mud with their feet.
Sir T. Browne.

(Sa*pid"i*ty) n. [Cf. F. sapidité.] The quality or state of being sapid; taste; savor; savoriness.

Whether one kind of sapidity is more effective than another.
M. S. Lamson.

(Sap"id*ness), n. Quality of being sapid; sapidity.

When the Israelites fancied the sapidness and relish of the fleshpots, they longed to taste and to return.
Jer. Taylor.

(Sa"pi*ence) n. [L. sapientia: cf. F. sapience. See Sapient..] The quality of being sapient; wisdom; sageness; knowledge. Cowper.

Woman, if I might sit beside your feet,
And glean your scattered sapience.

(Sa"pi*ent) a. [L. sapiens, -entis, p. pr. of sapere to taste, to have sense, to know. See Sage, a.] Wise; sage; discerning; — often in irony or contempt.

Where the sapient king
Held dalliance with his fair Egyptian spouse.

Syn. — Sage; sagacious; knowing; wise; discerning.

(Sa`pi*en"tial) a. [L. sapientialis.] Having or affording wisdom.Sa`pi*en"tial*ly, adv.

The sapiential books of the Old [Testament].
Jer. Taylor.

(Sa`pi*en"tious) a. Sapiential. [Obs.]

(Sa"pi*ent*ize), v. t. To make sapient. [R.] Coleridge.

(Sa"pi*ent*ly) adv. In a sapient manner.

(Sap`in*da"ceous) a. (Bot.) Of or pertaining to an order of trees and shrubs including the (typical) genus Sapindus, the maples, the margosa, and about seventy other genera.

(||Sa*pin"dus) n. [NL., fr. L. sapo soap + Indicus Indian.] (Bot.) A genus of tropical and subtropical trees with pinnate leaves and panicled flowers. The fruits of some species are used instead of soap, and their round black seeds are made into necklaces.

(Sap"less) a.

1. Destitute of sap; not juicy.

2. Fig.: Dry; old; husky; withered; spiritless. "A somewhat sapless womanhood." Lowell.

Now sapless on the verge of death he stands.

(sap"ling) n. A young tree. Shak.

(Sap`o*dil"la) n. [Sp. zapote, sapotillo, zapotillo, Mexican cochit-zapotl. Cf. Sapota.] (Bot.) A tall, evergeen, tropical American tree (Achras Sapota); also, its edible fruit, the sapodilla plum. [Written also sapadillo, sappadillo, sappodilla, and zapotilla.]

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