Sanitary Commission. See under Commission.

(San`i*ta"tion) n. The act of rendering sanitary; the science of sanitary conditions; the preservation of health; the use of sanitary measures; hygiene.

How much sanitation has advanced during the last half century.
H. Hartshorne.

(||San"hi*ta) n. [Skr. samhita, properly, combination.] A collection of vedic hymns, songs, or verses, forming the first part of each Veda.

(San"i*cle) n. [F., from L. sanare to heal.] (Bot.) Any plant of the umbelliferous genus Sanicula, reputed to have healing powers.

(San"i*dine) n. [Gr. . a board. So called in allusion to the tabular crystals.] (Min.) A variety of orthoclase feldspar common in certain eruptive rocks, as trachyte; — called also glassy feldspar.

(||Sa"ni*es) n. [L.] (Med.) A thin, serous fluid commonly discharged from ulcers or foul wounds.

(Sa"ni*ous) a. [L. saniosus, fr. sanies: cf. F. sanieux.]

1. (Med.) Pertaining to sanies, or partaking of its nature and appearance; thin and serous, with a slight bloody tinge; as, the sanious matter of an ulcer.

2. (med.) Discharging sanies; as, a sanious ulcer.

(San`i*ta"ri*an) a. Of or pertaining to health, or the laws of health; sanitary.

(San`i*ta"ri*an), n. An advocate of sanitary measures; one especially interested or versed in sanitary measures.

(San"i*ta*rist) n. A sanitarian.

(San`i*ta"ri*um) n. [NL. See Sanitary.] A health station or retreat; a sanatorium. "A sanitarium for troops." L. Oliphant.

(San"i*ta*ry) a. [L. sanitas health: cf. F. sanitaire. See Sanity.] Of or pertaining to health; designed to secure or preserve health; relating to the preservation or restoration of health; hygienic; as, sanitary regulations. See the Note under Sanatory.

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