2. So as to be finally saved from eternal death.

Savingly born of water and the Spirit.

(Sav"ing*ness), n.

1. The quality of being saving; carefulness not to expend money uselessly; frugality; parsimony. Mrs. H. H. Jackson.

2. Tendency to promote salvation. Johnson.

(Sav"ior) n. [OE. saveour, OF. salveor, F. sauveur, fr. L. salvator, fr. salvare to save. See Save, v.] [Written also saviour.]

1. One who saves, preserves, or delivers from destruction or danger.

2. Specifically: The (or our, your, etc.) Savior, he who brings salvation to men; Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.

(Sav"ior*ess), n. A female savior. [Written also saviouress.] [R.] Bp. Hall.

(Sa"vor) n. [OE. savour, savor, savur, OF. savor, savour, F. saveur, fr. L. sapor, fr. sapere to taste, savor. See Sage, a., and cf. Sapid, Insipid, Sapor.] [Written also savour.]

1. That property of a thing which affects the organs of taste or smell; taste and odor; flavor; relish; scent; as, the savor of an orange or a rose; an ill savor.

I smell sweet savors and I feel soft things.

2. Hence, specific flavor or quality; characteristic property; distinctive temper, tinge, taint, and the like.

Why is not my life a continual joy, and the savor of heaven perpetually upon my spirit?

3. Sense of smell; power to scent, or trace by scent. [R.] "Beyond my savor." Herbert.

4. Pleasure; delight; attractiveness. [Obs.]

She shall no savor have therein but lite.

Syn. — Taste; flavor; relish; odor; scent; smell.

(Sa"vor), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Savored ; p. pr. & vb. n. Savoring.] [Cf. OF. savorer, F. savourer. See Savor, n.] [Written also savour.]

1. To have a particular smell or taste; — with of.

2. To partake of the quality or nature; to indicate the presence or influence; to smack; — with of.

This savors not much of distraction.

I have rejected everything that savors of party.

3. To use the sense of taste. [Obs.]

By sight, hearing, smelling, tasting or savoring, and feeling.

(Sa"vor), v. t.

1. To perceive by the smell or the taste; hence, to perceive; to note. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

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