Christian Traditions connected with natural objects.
   1. Birds, Beasts, and Fishes.
   The Ass: Cross on the back. (See Ass.)
   Bunting. (See Yellowhammer.)
   The Crossbill has nothing to do with the Christian cross; the bird is so called, because its mandibles cross each other.
   Haddock: The finger-marks on the Haddock and John Dory. (See Haddock, etc.)
   Ichthus, a fish. (See Ichthus.)
   Pike's Head (q.v.).
   Pigeons or Doves: The Russians are averse to pigeons as a food, because the Holy Ghost assumed the form of a dove at the baptism of Jesus. (Sporting Magazine, January, 1825, p. 307.)
   Robin Redbreast: The red breast. (See Robin.)
   Stork: The cry of the Stork. (See Stork.)
   Swallow: The cry of the Swallow. (See Swallow.)
   Swine: The holes in the forefeet of Swine. (See Pigs.)
   2. The Vegetable World.
   The Arum, Aspen, Calvary-clover, Cedar (see also Cross), Dwarf-elder, Judas-tree, Passion-flower, Purple Orchis, Red Anemone, Rood Selken, Spotted Persicaria, Thistle.
   (See these articles, and Flowers With Traditions Of Christ.)
   3. The Number Thirteen. (See Thirteen.)

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