Table of contents
C to Cabal  
Cabala to Cadmean Victory  
Cadmeans to Calamity  
Calandrino to Caligula  
Caligula's Horse to Calumet  
Calvary to Cambyses  
Camden Society to Canada Balsam  
Canaille to Cannon  
Canoe' to Cap  
Cap to Capite Censi  
Capitulars to Carcass  
Carcasses to Carlovingian Dynasty  
Carludovica to Carry the Day  
Carry Weight to Cast Accounts  
Cast Anchor to Cat and Dog  
Cat and Fiddle to Catacomb  
Cataian to Catharine Wheels  
Catharine-wheel Politicians to Catted  
Catual to Cave of Adullam  
Cave of Mammon to Cento  
Central Sun to Chair  
Chair-days to Chancellor of England  
Chancellor of the Exchequer to Charge  
Charge to Chase  
Chasidim to Cheeseparer  
Cheeseparing Economy to Chevy Chase  
Chiabreresco to Children  
Chilenos to Chloe  
Choereas to Christian Traditions  
Christian'a [ch = k] to Church  
Church-goer to Cinter  
Cipher to Civil Service Estimates  
Civil War to Clavie  
Clavileno to Clementina  
Clench to Cliquot  
Cloaci na to Clym of the Clough  
Clytie to Cob  
Cobalt to Cock Lane Ghost  
Cock-pit to Cockney  
Cockney School to Coins  
Coke to College Colours  
College Port to Colours  
Colours to Comazants  
Comb to Commendam  
Commendation Ninepence to Conciergerie  
Conclave to Conscience  
Conscience Clause to Contenement  
Contentment is true Riches to Cool Hundred  
Cool Tankard to Coq-a-l'ane  
Corah to Corinth  
Corinth to Coronation Chair  
Coroner to Coterie'  
Cotillon to Coup d'Etat  
Coup de Grace to Coute que Coute  
Couvade to Crack  
Crack-brained to Credat Judæus  
Credence Table to Crillon  
Crimen læsæ Majestatis to Crone  
Cronian Sea to Cross and Pile  
Cross as a Bear to Crucial  
Crude Forms to Cucking-stool  
Cuckold to Cunobelin's Gold Mines  
Cunstance to Curse of Scotland  
Curses to Cut Blocks with a Razor  
Cut neither Nails nor Hair at Sea to Cyclopean Masonry  
Cyclops to Cypriote  

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