Chilenos to Chloe

Chilenos People of Chili.

Chilian A native of Chili, pertaining to Chili, etc.

Chiliasts [kiliasts]. Another word for Millenarians; those who believe that Christ will return to this earth and reign a thousand years in the midst of His saints. (Greek, chilias, a thousand.)

Chillingham Cattle A breed of cattle (bos taurus) in the park of the Earl of Tankerville, supposed to be the last remnant of the wild oxen of Britain.

Chillon' Prisoner of Chillon. Francois de Bonnivard, of Lunes. Lord Byron makes him one of six brothers, all of whom suffered as martyrs. The father and two sons died on the battle-field; one was burnt at the stake; three were incarcerated in the dungeon of Chillon, near the lake of Geneva- of these, two died, and Francois was set at liberty by “the Bearnais.” Byron says that Bonnivard has left traces of his footsteps in the pavement of the dungeon. He was put in prison for “republican principles” by the Duke-Bishop of Savoy. (1496-1570.)

Chilminar' and Balbec. Two cities built by the Genii, acting under the orders of Jan ben Jan, who governed the world long before the time of Adam. Chilminar, or the “Forty Pillars,” is Persepolis. These two cities were built as lurking places for the Genii to hide in.

Chiltern Hundreds (The). There are three, viz. Stoke, Desborough, and Bonenham (or Burnham). At one time the Chiltern Hills, between Bedford and Hertford, etc., were covered with beech trees which formed shelter for robbers; so a steward was appointed by the Crown to put down these marauders and protect the inhabitants of the neighbourhood from depredations. The necessity of such watch and ward has long since ceased, but the office remains; and, since 1750, when a Member of Parliament wishes to vacate his seat, one way of doing so is by applying for the stewardship of the three Chiltern Hundreds. The application being granted, the Member is advanced to an office under the Crown, and his seat in the House is ex officio vacated. Immediately the Member has effected his object, he resigns his office again. The gift is in the hands of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. It was refused to a Member for Reading in 1842.
   The Stewardships used for a similar purpose were Old Sarum (in Sussex), East Hendred (in Berks), the Manor of Poynings (in Sussex), Hempholwic (in Yorkshire), all of which have dropped out of use. The Stewardship of the Manor of Northstead (in Yorks) survives (1894), but the Escheatorships of Munster and Ulster were abolished in 1838.
   The London Gazette of August 4, 1893, announced that the “Chancellor of the Exchequer has appointed William Henry Grenfell to be steward and bailiff of the Chiltern Hundreds in the room of John Morrogh, resigned.”

Chimaera [kimera]. An illusory fancy, a wild, incongruous scheme, a castle in the air. Homer describes the chimæra as a monster with a goat's body, a lion's head, and a dragon's tail. It was born in Lycia, and was slain by Bellerophon. (Greek, chimaira, a shegoat.)

Chime in with (To). To be in harmony with, to accord with, to fall in with. The allusion is to chiming bells.

“This chimed in with Mr. Dombey's own hope and belief.”- Dickens: Dombey and Son.
Chimney Money or Hearth money. A Crown duty for every fireplace in a house (14 Car. ii. c. 2). Repealed by 1 Will. & Mary, i. c. 2.

Chimneypot Hat (A). The ordinary cylindrical black-silk hat, generally worn as more dressy than the soft felt hats or stiff billycocks. Called by the French cheminée.

Chinese Gordon General Gordon (afterwards killed at Khartoum), who succeeded in putting down the Taëping rebellion, which broke out in 1851 and lasted fifteen years. The rebels had ravaged sixteen of the eighteen provinces, and had destroyed six hundred cities. In 1861 Ward raised an army called the “Ever Victorious,” which was placed under General Gordon, and in 1864 the rebellion was stamped out.

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