The dwarf elder is called in Wales "the plant of the Blood of Man."
   The wallflower is known in Palestine as the "Blood-drops of Christ."
   The following are also said to owe their stained blossoms to the blood which trickled from the cross: -
   The red anemone;

Flotsam and Jetson to Fly

Flotsam and Jetson Waifs found in the sea or on the shore. "Flotsam," goods found floating on the sea after a a wreck. "Jetson," or Jetsam, things thrown out of a ship to lighten it. (Anglo-Saxon, flotan, to float; French, jeter, to throw out.) (See Ligan.)

Flower Games Fêtes held at Toulouse, Barcelona, Treviso, and other places, where the prizes given consisted of flowers.

Flower Sermon A sermon preached on Whit Monday in St. Catherine Cree, when all the congregation wear flowers.
   Flower sermons are now (1894) preached very generally once a year, especially in country churches. Every person is supposed to bring a bunch of flowers to the altar, and the flowers next day are sent to some hospital.

Flower of Chivalry A name given to several cavaliers: e.g.
   William Douglas, Lord of Liddesdale, in the fourteenth century.
   Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586).
   Chevalier de Bayard (le chevalier sans peur et sans reproche) (1476-1524).

Flower of Kings Arthur is so called by John of Exeter. (Sixth century.)

Flower of Paradise The Ipomoea or Camalata, called by Sir W. Jones "Love's creeper." It symbolises that mythological plant which fulfils all desire.

Flower of the Levant Zante, noted for its beauty and fertility. "Zanté! Zanté, flos di Levanti."

Flowers and Trees

(1) Dedicated to heathen gods:

The Cornel cherry-treeto Apollo
The Cypressto Pluto.
The Dittanyto The Moon.
The Laurelto Apollo.
The Lilyto Juno.
The Maiden's-hairto Pluto.
The Myrtleto Venus.
The Narcissusto Cerës.
The Oakto Jupiter.
The Oliveto Minerva.
The Poppyto Cerës.
The Vineto Bacchus

(2) Dedicated to saints;

Canterbury Bellsto St. Augustine of England.
Crocusto St. Valentine.
Crown Imperialto Edward the Confessor.
Daisyto St. Margaret.
Herb Christopheto St. Christopher.
Lady's- smockto The Virgin-Mary.
Roseto Mary Magdalene.
St. John's-wortto St. John.
St. Barnaby's Thistleto St. Barnabas.

(3) National emblems:
Leekemblem of Wales.
Lily (Fleur-de-lys)" France.
Lily (Giglio Blanco)" Florence.
Lily White" the Ghibelline badge.
Lily red" badge of the Guelphs.
Linden" Prussia.
Mignonette" Saxony.
Pomegranate" Spain.
Rose" England.
Rose red" Lancastrians
Rose white" Yorkists.
Shamrock" Ireland.
Thistle" Scotland.
Violet" Athens and Napoleon
Sugar Maple" Canada.

(4) Symbols.

Boxis a symbol of the resurrection.
Cedars" the faithful.
Corn-ears" the Holy Communion.
Dates" the faithful.
Grapes" this is my blood.
Holly" the resurrection.
Ivy" the resurrection.
Lily" purity.
Olive" peace.
Orange-blossom" virginity.
Palm" victory.
Rose" incorruption.
Vine" Christ our Life.
Yew" death.

N.B. - The laurel, oak, olive, myrtle, rosemary, cypress, and amaranth are all funereal plants.

Flowers and Trees with Christian Traditions

   The Aspen leaf is said to tremble because the cross was made of Aspenwood.

  Ah! tremble, tremble, Aspen-tree,
  We need not ask thee why thou shakest,
  For if, as holy legend saith,
  On thee the Saviour bled to death,
  No wonder, Aspen, that thou quakest;
  And, till in judgment all assemble,
  Thy leaves accursed shall wail and tremble.
       E. C. B.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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