Inauspicious, unpropitious, unpromising, threatening, etc.

  • Fear (Substantives), timidity, diffidence, nervousness, restlessness, inquietude, disquietude, solicitude, anxiety, distrust, mistrust, hesitation, misgiving, suspicion, qualm, want of confidence, nerves.
  • Apprehension, flutter, trepidation, tremor, shaking, trembling, palpitation, quivering, the jumps, the creeps, ague-fit, fearfulness, despondency; stage-fright.

    Fright, affright, alarm, dread, awe, terror, horror, dismay, obsession, panic, funk, stampede, scare, consternation, despair 859.

    Intimidation, terrorism, reign of terror; an alarmist, scare-monger.

    Object of fear: bugbear, bugaboo, bogy, scarecrow, goblin, etc. 980, bête noire, nightmare, Gorgon, ogre.

    (Phrases). Raw head and bloody bones; fee-faw-fum.

    (Verbs). To fear, be afraid, etc., to distrust, hesitate, have qualms, misgivings, suspicions, etc.

    To apprehend, take alarm, start, wince, boggle, skulk, cower, crouch, tremble, shake, quake, shudder, quail, boggle, turn pale, blench, flutter, flinch, funk.

    (Phrases). To smell a rat; to shake all over; to shake like an aspen-leaf; to stand aghast; to eye askance.

    To excite fear, raise apprehensions, to give, raise, or sound an alarm, to intimidate, put in fear, frighten, fright, affright, alarm, scare, haunt, obsess, strike terror, daunt, terrify, awe, horrify, dismay, petrify, appal.

    To overawe, abash, cow, browbeat, bully.

    (Phrases). To fright from one's propriety; to strike all of a heap; to make the flesh creep; to give one the creeps.

    (Adjectives). Fearing, timid, fearful, nervous, jumpy, funky, diffident, apprehensive, restless, haunted with the fear, apprehension, dread, etc., of, nervy.

    Frightened, cowed, pale, alarmed, scared, terrified, petrified, aghast, awe-struck, dismayed, horror-struck, horrified, appalled, panic-struck, panic-stricken.

    Inspiring fear, fearsome, alarming, formidable, redoubtable, portentous, perilous 665, ugly, fearful, dreadful, dire, shocking, terrible, tremendous, horrid, horrible, horrific, ghastly, awful, awesome, horripilant, creepy, crawly.

    (Phrases). White as a sheet; horresco referens; the hair standing on end; not daring to say one's soul's one's own; more frightened than hurt; frightened out of one's senses or wits; in a blue funk.

    (Interjection). Absit omen!

  • Absence of fear.
  • Courage (Substantives), bravery, valour, boldness, spirit, spiritedness, daring, gallantry, intrepidity, contempt of danger, self-reliance, confidence, fearlessness, audacity.

    Manhood, nerve, pluck, mettle, game, bottom, heart, spunk, face, virtue, hardihood, fortitude, firmness, resolution, sportsmanship.

    Prowess, heroism, chivalry.

    A hero, preux chevalier, Hector, Hotspur, Amazon, beau sabreur, fire-eater, etc. 863.

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