(Verbs). To abridge, abstract, excerpt, abbreviate, recapitulate, run over, make or prepare an abstract, etc. (see 201), sum up, summarise, boil down, anthologise.

    (Adjectives). Compendious, etc., synoptic, abridged, etc., analectic, in short.

    (Phrase). In a nut-shell.

  • Poetry (Substantives), poetics, poesy, the Muse, Calliope, Parnassus.
  • Verse, metre, measure, foot, numbers, strain, rhyme, heroic verse, alexandrine, octosyllables, terza rima, blank verse, vers libre, assonance, versification, macaronics, doggerel, jingle; prosody, scansion.

    Poem, epic, epopee, epic poem, ode, idyll, lyric, eclogue, pastoral, bucolic, macaronic, dithyramb, anacreontic, sonnet, lay, roundelay, rondeau, rondel, ballade, villanelle, triolet, sestina, rhyme royal, madrigal, canzonet, libretto, posy, anthology, distich, stanza, stave, strophe, couplet, quatrain, cento, monody, elegy, vers de société.

    A poet, bard, scald, poetess, rhymer, rhymist, versifier, rhymester, sonneteer, poetaster, minor poet, minnesinger, meistersinger, troubadour, trouvère.

    (Phrases). Genus irritabile vatum; disjecta membra poetè.

    (Verbs). To rhyme, versify, sing, make verses, scan, poetise.

    (Adjectives). Poetical, poetic, Castalian, Parnassian, lyric, metrical, epic, heroic, etc., catalectic, dithyrambic, doggerel, macaronic, leonine, Pindaric, Hudibrastic, Whitmanesque.

  • Prose (Substantives), proser, prosaist.
  • (Verb). To prose.

    (Adjectives). Prosaic, prosing, prosy, rhymeless, unpoetical, commonplace, humdrum.

  • The Drama (Substantives), stage, theatre, the histrionic art, dramatic art, histrionics, acting, etc.; stage effect, mise en scène, stage production, setting, scenery; buskin, sock, cothurnus; Melpomene, Thalia; play- writing, dramaturgy.
  • Play, stage-play, piece, tragedy, comedy, tragi-comedy, morality, mystery, melodrama, farce, knock-about farce, comedietta, curtain-raiser, interlude, after-piece, vaudeville, extravaganza, divertissement, burletta, burlesque, variety show, revue; opera, grand opera, music-drama, comic opera, opéra bouffe, operetta, ballad opera, singspiel, musical comedy; ballet, pantomime, harlequinade, wordless play, dumb-show, by-play; monodrama, monologue, duologue; masque, pageant, show; scenario, libretto, book of words, part, role; matinée, benefit; motion picture, silent film, talkie.

    Theatre, playhouse, cinema, music-hall, variety theatre; stage, scene, the boards, the footlights, green- room, foyer, proscenium, flies, wings, etc.

    An actor, player, stage-player, performer, artiste, comedian, comedienne, tragedian, tragedienne, Thespian, clown, harlequin, pantaloon, buffo, buffoon, pierrot, pierrette, impersonator, entertainer, etc., strolling player; ballet-dancer, ballerina, figurant, mime; star, prima donna, primo tenore, etc., leading lady, heavy lead, juvenile lead, ingénue, soubrette, etc.; supernumerary, super, walking gentleman or lady, chorus-girl; dramatis personè, cast, company, stock company, touring company, etc.; a star turn.

    Mummer, guiser, masquer; dancer, nautch-girl, bayadère, geisha.

    Stage-manager, impresario, producer, prompter, stage hands, etc.

    Dramatic writer, mimographer, pantomimist, playwright, playwriter, dramatist, dramaturge, librettist, scenario- writer.

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