(Adjectives). Cheerful, gay, blithe, cheery, cheerly, of good cheer, in spirits, in good or high spirits, allegro, light, lightsome, buoyant, debonair, bright, light-hearted, hearty, free and easy, airy, jaunty, canty, sprightly, lively, vivacious, sunny, breezy, chirpy, hopeful 858.

    Merry, joyous, joyful, jocund, bonny, buxom, playful, folâtre, frisky, frolicsome, sportive, gamesome, jokesome, joky, jocose, jocular, jolly, frivolous.

    Rejoicing, elated, exulting, jubilant, hilarious, flushed, rollicking, cock-a-hoop.

    (Phrases). In high feather; gay as a lark; playful as a kitten; merry as a grig; full of beans.

    (Adverbs). Cheerfully, cheerily, etc.

    (Interjections). Tant mieux! hurrah! huzza! cheerio!

  1. Dejection (Substantives), depression, low spirits; lowness or depression of spirits, dejectedness; weight of oppression on the spirits, damp on the spirits, sadness.
  2. Heaviness, dullness, infestivity, joylessness, gloom, dolefulness, dolesomeness, weariness 841, heaviness of heart, failure of heart, heart-sickness.

    Melancholy, melancholia, dismals, mumps, dumps, doldrums, blues, mulligrubs, blue devils, megrims, spleen, hypochondria; tœdium vitœ; maladie du pays.

    Despondency, despair, pessimism, disconsolateness, prostration; the cave of despair, see 859.

    Demureness, seriousness, gravity, solemnity, solemnness, sullenness, etc.

    A hypochondriac, self-tormentor, malade imaginaire; a damper, a wet blanket; a pessimist.

    (Verbs). To be dejected, sad, etc.; to grieve, to take on, to take to heart, to give way, droop, sink, lour, look downcast, mope, mump, pout, brood over, fret, pine, yearn, frown, see Despair 859.

    (Phrases). To look blue; to hang down the head; to wear the willow; to laugh on the wrong side of the mouth.

    To refrain from laughter; to keep one's countenance; to keep a straight face.

    To depress, discourage, dishearten, dispirit, dull, deject, lower, sink, dash, unman, prostrate, overcloud.

    (Phrase). To prey on the mind or spirits.

    (Adjectives). Cheerless, unmirthful, mirthless, joyless, dull, flat, dispirited, out of spirits, out of sorts, out of heart, in low spirits, spiritless, lowering, frowning, sulky.

    Discouraged, disheartened, down-hearted, downcast, cast down, depressed, chap - fallen, crest-fallen, dashed, drooping, sunk, heart-sick, dumpish, mumpish, desponding, pessimistic.

    Dismal, melancholy, sombre, tristful, pensive, penseroso, mournful, doleful, moping, splenetic, gloomy, lugubrious, funereal, forlorn, care-worn, care-laden.

    Melancholic, hipped, hypochondriacal, bilious, jaundiced, atrabilious, atrabiliar, saturnine, adust.

    Disconsolate, despairing, in despair 859.

    Grave, serious, sedate, staid, sober, solemn, demure, grim, grim-faced, grim-visaged 846, rueful, sullen.

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