(Phrases). To fly off at a tangent; to be out of all patience; faire le diable à quatre; to get the wind up; to make a scene.

    (Adjectives). Excitable, etc., excited, etc.

    Intolerant, impatient, unquiet, restless, restive, fidgety, irritable, mettlesome, chafing, wincing, etc.

    Vehement, boisterous, impetuous, demonstrative, fierce, fiery, flaming, boiling, ebullient, over - zealous, passionate, impassioned, enthusiastic, rampant, mercurial, high - strung, high-wrought, overwrought, over-strung, hysterical, hot-headed, hurried, turbulent, furious, fuming, boiling, raging, raving, frantic, phrenetic, rampageous, wild, heady, delirious, intoxicated, demoniacal; hypersensitive.

    Overpowering, overwhelming, uncontrolled, stanchless, irrepressible, ungovernable, uncontrollable.

    (Phrases). More than flesh and blood can stand; stung to the quick.

    (Interjections). Pish! pshaw! botheration!

  1. Absence of excitability.
  2. Inexcitability (Substantives), hebetude, tolerance, patience.

    Coolness, composure, calmness, imperturbability, sang-froid, collectedness, tranquillity, quiet, quietude, quietness, sedateness, soberness, composure, staidness, gravity, placidity, sobriety, philosophy, stoicism, demureness, meekness, gentleness, mildness.

    Submission, resignation, sufferance, endurance, longanimity, long-sufferance, forbearance, fortitude, equanimity.

    Repression, restraint, etc. 174, hebetation, tranquillisation.

    (Phrases). Patience of Job; Spartan endurance; a sober-sides.

    (Verbs). To be composed, etc., to bear, to bear well, tolerate, put up with, bear with, stand, bide, abide, aby, take easily, rub on, rub along, make the best of, acquiesce, submit, yield, bow to, resign oneself, suffer, endure, support, go through, reconcile oneself to, bend under; subside, calm down.

    To brook, digest, eat, swallow, pocket, stomach, brave, make light of.

    (Phrases). To pocket the affront; to swallow the pill; to eat the leek; to shrug the shoulders; èquam servare mentem.

    To be borne, endured, etc., to go down.

    To allay, compose, calm, still, lull, pacify, placate, quiet, tranquillise, hush, smooth, appease, assuage, mitigate, soothe, soften, temper, chasten, alleviate, moderate, sober down, mollify, lenify, tame, blunt, obtund, dull, deaden, slacken, damp, repress, restrain, check, curb, bridle, rein in, smother, quell, lay, see 174, 823.

    (Phrase). To set one's heart at rest or at ease.

    (Adjectives). Inexcitable, unexcited, calm, cool, temperate, composed, collected, placid, quiet, tranquil, unstirred, undisturbed, unruffled, serene, demure, sedate, staid, sober, dispassionate, unimpassioned, passionless, platonic, philosophic, stoical, imperturbable, cold-blooded, insensible 823.

    Meek, tolerant, patient, submissive, unoffended, unresenting, content, resigned, subdued, bearing with, long-suffering, gentle, mild, sober-minded, cool-headed.

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