(Phrases). A nice hand, etc., see 700.

    (Adverbs). Skilfully, etc., aright.

    (Phrases). Suo marte; to the best of one's abilities; secundum artem.

  • Unskilfulness (Substantives), inability, incompetence, incompetency, infelicity, inexpertness, indexterity, unaptness, ineptitude, lefthandedness, awkwardness, maladroitness, clumsiness, gaucherie, rawness, slovenliness, greenness, inexperience, disqualification.
  • Bungling, blundering, fumbling, floundering, stumbling, muddling, unteachableness, dullness, stupidity 499.

    Indiscretion, imprudence 863, thoughtlessness, giddiness, wildness, mismanagement, misconduct, maladministration, misrule, misgovernment, misapplication, misdirection.

    (Phrase). A blazing indiscretion.

    Absence of rule, the rule of thumb.

    (Verbs). To be unskilled, unskilful, etc.

    To mismanage, bungle, blunder, botch, boggle, fumble, muff, foozle, miscue, muddle, murder, mistake, misapply, missend.

    (Phrases). To make a mess or hash of; to begin at the wrong end; to make sad work or a bad job of; to put one's foot in it; to lose or miss one's way; to lose one's balance; to stand in one's own light; to quarrel with one's bread and butter; to have too many irons in the fire; to have too many eggs in one basket; to kill the goose which lays the golden eggs; to lock the stable when the horse is stolen; to make two bites at a cherry.

    (Adjectives). Unskilled, etc., unskilful, bungling, etc., awkward, clumsy, unhandy, unworkmanlike, unscientific, shiftless, lubberly, gauche, maladroit, left-handed, hobbling, slovenly, sloppy, slatternly, giddy, gawky, dull, unteachable, at fault.

    Unapt, unqualified, inhabile, incompetent, disqualified, untalented, ill-qualified, inapt, inept, inexpert, inartistic, raw, green, rusty.

    Unaccustomed, unused, unhackneyed, unexercised, untrained, unpractised, undisciplined, uneducated, undrilled, uninitiated, unschooled, unconversant, unversed, inexperienced, unstatesmanlike, non-professional.

    Unadvised, misadvised, ill-judged, ill-advised, unguided, misguided, foolish, wild, ill-devised, misconducted.

    (Phrases). Ne sutor ultra crepidam; il se noyerait dans une goutte d'eau; penny-wise and pound-foolish.

  • Proficient (Substantives), adept, expert, specialist, genius, dab, crack, master, master-hand, virtuoso, champion, ace, artist, tactician, politician, marksman, sharp blade, acrobat, gymnast, rope-dancer, funambulist, old stager, veteran, topsawyer, picked man, cunning man, conjuror, wizard, etc. 994; a prodigy 872, an Admirable Crichton.
  • Connoisseur 850.

    (Phrases). A man of business; a nice hand; good hand; swell hand; dead shot; crack shot; jack of all trades; smart customer; old file; deep file; sharp as a needle; an all-round man.

  • Bungler (Substantives), marplot, greenhorn, lubber, landlubber, fumbler, muddler, duffer, butter-fingers, novice, sloven, slattern, no conjuror, flat, muff, babe.

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