hansom, taxi-cab, taxi, sedan chair, palanquin (or palankeen), litter, jinricksha (or rickshaw), brancard, stretcher, perambulator, baby-carriage.

    Shovel, spoon, spatula, ladle, hod.

  1. Ship (Substantives), vessel, bottom, craft, shipping, marine, fleet, flotilla, squadron, armada, navy, H.M.S., man-of-war, iron-clad, dreadnought, cruiser, gun-boat, torpedo - boat, destroyer, submarine, ship of the line, first-rate, flag - ship, frigate, brig, schooner, sloop, cutter, corvette, yacht, skiff, yawl, ketch, smack, hoy, lugger, barge, bark (or barque), wherry, lighter, hulk, buss, packet, transport.
  2. Liner, merchantman, fire-ship, slaver, steamer, steamboat, steam-packet, tug, collier, whaler, galley, bilander, coaster, brigantine, barquentine, dogger, clipper.

    Argosy, bireme, trireme, etc., galleon, galliot, polacca, tartane, junk, praam, saic, dhow, proa, sampan, xebec.

    Boat, motor-boat, long-boat, pinnace, launch, yacht, shallop, jolly-boat, gig, funny, dinghy, bumboat, fly- boat, wherry, coble, cock-boat, punt, cog, kedge, out-rigger, catamaran, fishing-boat, coracle, hooker, life-boat, gondola, felucca, dahabeeyah, caïque, canoe, dug-out, raft, float.

    Balloon, air-balloon, aerostat, Montgolfier, pilot balloon, kite, airship, aircraft, dirigible, Zeppelin, aeroplane, monoplane, biplane, hydroplane, waterplane, helicopter, glider.

    (Adverbs). Afloat, aboard.

2°. Degrees of Motion
  • Velocity (Substantives), speed, celerity, swiftness, rapidity, fleetness, expedition, speediness, quickness, nimbleness, briskness, agility, promptness, promptitude, dispatch, acceleration.
  • Gallop, canter, trot, run, rush, scamper, scoot, scorch, hand-gallop, amble, lope; flight, dart, bolt, spurt, sprint, flying, etc.

    Haste, hurry, scurry, bounce, bolt, precipitation, precipitancy, etc. 684, forced march, race, steeplechase, Marathon race, full gallop.

    Rate, pace, step, gait, course, progress.

    Lightning, light, cannon-ball, wind, rocket, arrow, dart, quick-silver, telegraph, express train, clipper.

    An eagle, antelope, courser, race-horse, racer, gazelle, grey-hound, hare, squirrel.

    Mercury, Ariel, Camilla.

    (Verbs). To move quickly; to trip, speed, haste, hie, hasten, hurry, press, press on, press forward, post, push on, whip, scamper, run, sprint, race, scud, scour, scurry, scuttle, spin, scoot, scorch, rip, clip, shoot, tear, whisk, sweep, skim, brush, glance, cut along, dash on, dash forward, trot, gallop, amble, lope, rush, bound, bounce, flounce, frisk, tittup, bolt, flit, spring, boom, dart, scramble.

    (Phrases). Fly off at a tangent; carry sail; crowd sail; take to one's heels; clap spurs to one's horse; to run like mad; ride hard; outstrip the wind; to make rapid strides; wing one's way; be off like a shot; run a race; stir one's stumps; do a scoot; get a move on.

    To hasten, accelerate, expedite, urge, whip, forward, buck up, express, speed-up, hurry, precipitate, quicken pace, gather way, ride hard.

    To keep up with, keep pace with, race, race with, outpace, leave behind, outrun, outstrip, gain ground.

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