Feigned dialogue, imaginary conversation; inquiry, see 461.

    (Phrase). A word in the ear.

    (Verbs). To speak to, address, accost, apostrophise, appeal to, invoke, hail, make up to, call to, halloo (or hallo), salute.

    (Phrases). To talk with one in private; to break the ice.

    (Adjectives). Accosting, etc., apostrophic.

    (Interjections). Hallo! hullo! I say! what ho!

  • Response (Substantives), answer, reply, etc., see 462.
  • (Verbs). To answer, respond, reply, etc.

    (Phrase). To take up one's cue.

    (Adjectives). Answering, responding, etc., responsive, respondent.

  • Interlocution (Substantives), collocution, colloquy, conversation, converse, confabulation, confab, talk, discourse, verbal intercourse, dialogue, duologue, logomachy, communication, intercommunication, commerce, debate.
  • Chat, chit-chat, small talk, table-talk, tattle, gossip, tittle-tattle, babblement, clack, prittle-prattle, idle talk, town-talk, on dit, the talk of the town, chronique scandaleuse.

    Conference, parley, interview, audience, reception, palaver, pow-wow, logomachy.

    A talker, interlocutor, interviewer, gossip, tattler, chatterer, babbler 584, conversationalist, causeur; dramatis personè.

    (Phrases). "The feast of reason and the flow of soul"; mollia tempora fandi; a heart-to-heart talk.

    (Verbs). To talk together, converse, collogue, commune, debate, discourse with, engage in conversation, interview; hold or carry on a conversation; chat, gossip, put in a word, chip in, tattle, babble, prate, clack, prattle.

    To confer with, hold conference, etc., to parley, palaver, commerce, hold intercourse with, be closeted with, commune with, compare notes, intercommunicate.

    (Adjectives). Conversing, etc., interlocutory, verbal, colloquial, chatty, gossiping, etc., conversable, conversational.

  • Soliloquy (Substantives), monologue, apostrophe, aside.
  • (Verbs). To soliloquise; to say or talk to oneself; to say aside, to think aloud, to apostrophise.

    (Adjective). Soliloquising, etc.

    3. Written Language

  • Writing (Substantives), chirography, pencraft, penmanship, calligraphy, quill-driving, pen-pushing, typewriting.
  • Scribble, scrawl, scratch, cacography, scribbling, etc., griffonnage, barbouillage, jotting, interlineation.

    Uncial writing, cursive writing, cuneiform characters, demotic text, hieratic text, ogham, runes, a good running hand, current or flowing hand, a bad, cramped, crabbed, illegible hand or fist.

    Pothooks and hangers.

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