(Verbs). To deny, disown, contradict, negative, gainsay, contravene, disclaim, withdraw, recant, disavow, retract, revoke, abjure, negate.

    (Phrases). To deny flatly; eat one's words; go back from, or upon one's word.

    To dispute, impugn, question, call in question, give the lie to, rebut, belie.

    (Adjectives). Denying, etc., denied, etc., contradictory, recusant.

    (Adverbs). No, nay, not, see 489.

  1. Teaching (Substantives), instruction, direction, guidance, tuition, culture, inculcation, inoculation, indoctrination, éclaircissement, explanation.
  2. Education, co-education, initiation, preparation, training, upbringing, schooling, discipline, exercise, drill, exercitation, breaking in, taming, drilling, etc., preachment, persuasion, edification, proselytism, propagandism.

    A lesson, lecture, prolusion, prelection, exercise, task; curriculum, course.

    Rudiments, A B C, elements, grammar, text - book, vade-mecum, school-book 593.

    (Verbs). To teach, instruct, enlighten, edify, inculcate, indoctrinate, instil, imbue, inoculate, infuse, impregnate, graft, infix, engraft, implant, sow the seeds of, infiltrate, give an idea of, cram, coach, put up to.

    (Phrases). Sharpen the wits; beat into the head.

    To explain, expound, lecture, hold forth, read a lecture or sermon, give a lesson, preach; sermonise, moralise, point a moral.

    To educate, train, discipline, school, form, ground, tutor, prepare, qualify, prime, drill, exercise, bring up, rear, nurture, dry-nurse, breed, break in, tame, domesticate.

    To direct, guide, put in the way of, proselytise, bring round to an opinion, bring over, win over, persuade, convince, convict, set right, enlighten, give one new ideas, put one up to, bring home to.

    (Phrase). To teach the young idea how to shoot.

    (Adjectives). Teaching, etc., taught, etc.

    Didactic, academic, doctrinal, disciplinal, disciplinary, instructive, scholastic, persuasive.

  3. Misteaching (Substantives), misdirection, misinformation, misguidance, perversion, false teaching.
  4. Indocility, incapacity, misintelligence, dullness.

    (Verbs). To misinform, mislead, misdirect, misguide, miscorrect, pervert, lead into error, bewilder, mystify 528, throw off the scent; to unteach.

    (Phrases). Piscem natare doces; obscurum per obscurius; the blind leading the blind.

    (Adjectives). Misteaching, etc., unedifying.

  5. Learning (Substantives), acquisition of knowledge, acquirement, attainment, scholarship, erudition, instruction, study, etc., see Knowledge 490, apprenticeship.
  6. Docility, aptitude, aptness to be taught, teachableness, persuasibility, capacity.

    (Verbs). To learn; to acquire, gain, catch, receive, imbibe, pick up, gather, collect, glean, etc., knowledge or information.

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