In the background, under the table, behind the scenes.

  1. Information (Substantives), communication, intimation, notice, notification, enunciation, announcement, annunciation, statement, specification, report, advice, monition, mention, acquaintance, acquainting, etc., outpouring, communicativeness.
  2. An informant, teller, tipster, spy, intelligencer, messenger, newsmonger, gossip 532.

    Hint, suggestion 514, wrinkle, tip, insinuation, innuendo, wink, glance, leer, nod, shrug, gesture, whisper, implication, cue, by-play, eye-opener.

    (Phrases). Verbum sapienti; a broad hint; a stage whisper.

    A round robin.

    (Verbs). To inform, acquaint, tell, mention, express, intimate, communicate, apprise, post, make known, notify, signify to, let one know, advise, state, specify, give notice, announce, annunciate, report, set forth, bring word, send word, leave word, write word, declare, certify, depose, pronounce, explain, undeceive, enlighten, set right, open the eyes of, convey the knowledge of, give an account of.

    To hint, give an inkling of, give, throw out, or drop a hint, insinuate, allude to, glance at, make allusion to, to wink, to tip the wink, glance, leer, nod, shrug, give the cue, give the tip, wave, whisper, suggest, prompt, whisper in the ear, give one to understand.

    To tell once for all.

    To be informed, etc., of, made acquainted with, to hear of, to understand.

    To come to one's ears, to come to one's knowledge, to reach one's ears.

    (Adjectives). Informed, etc., of, made acquainted with, in the know; undeceived.

    Reported, made known 531, bruited.

    Expressive, significant, pregnant with meaning, etc. (see 516), declaratory, enunciative, nun-cupatory, expository, communicatory, communicative, insinuative.

    (Adverbs). Expressively, significantly, etc., verbum satis.

    By post, etc. 532, messenger, etc. 534.

  3. Concealment (Substantives), hiding, etc., secrecy, stealth, stealthiness, slyness, disguise, incognito, masquerade, camouflage, mystery, mystification, freemasonry, reservation, suppression, backstairs, reserve, uncommunicativeness; secret path.
  4. A mask, vizor (or visor), ambush, etc. 530, enigma, etc. 533.

    (Phrases). A needle in a bundle of hay; a skeleton in the cupboard; a family skeleton.

    (Verbs). To conceal, hide, secrete, cover, envelop, screen, cloak, veil, shroud, enshroud, shade, muffle, mask, disguise, camouflage, ensconce, eclipse.

    To keep from, lock up, bury, sink, suppress, burke, hush up, keep snug or close, etc.

    (Phrase). To draw or close the curtain.

    To keep in ignorance, blind, hoodwink, mystify, pose, puzzle, perplex, embarrass, flummox, bewilder, bamboozle, etc. 545.

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