Misjudgment, miscalculation 481.

    Sophism, solecism, paralogism, quibble, elenchus, fallacy, quodlibet, subterfuge, subtlety, quillet, inconsistency, antilogy.

    Speciousness, plausibility, illusiveness, irrelevancy, invalidity.

    (Phrases). The meshes or cobwebs of sophistry; a flaw in an argument; an argument falling to the ground.

    (Verbs). To envisage, to judge intuitively, etc.

    To reason ill, falsely, etc.; to pervert, quibble, equivocate, mystify, evade, elude, gloss over, varnish, misjudge, miscalculate 481.

    To refine, subtilise, sophisticate, mislead.

    (Phrases). To split hairs; to cut blocks with a razor; throw off the scent; to beg the question; reason in a circle; beat about the bush; lose one's reckoning.

    (Adjectives). Intuitive, instinctive, impulsive, independent of, or anterior to reason.

    Sophistical, illogical, false, unsound, not following, inconsequent, unwarranted, untenable, inconclusive, incorrect, fallacious, groundless, fallible, unproved, indecisive, deceptive, illusive, illusory, specious, plausible, irrelevant.

    (Epithets). Weak, feeble, poor, flimsy, trivial, trumpery, trashy, puerile, childish, irrational, silly, foolish, imbecile, absurd 499, extravagant, far - fetched, hair-splitting.

    (Phrases). Non constat; non sequitur; not holding water; away from the point; foreign to the purpose or subject; having nothing to do with the matter; nihil ad rem; not bearing upon the point in question; not the point; beside the mark.

  1. Demonstration (Substantives), proof, conclusiveness, probation, comprobation, experimentum crucis, test, etc. 463.
  2. (Verbs). To demonstrate, prove, establish, show, evince, verify, substantiate.

    (Phrases). Make good; set at rest; settle the question; reduce to demonstration; to make out a case; bring home to; bear out.

    (Adjectives). Demonstrating, etc., demonstrative, probative, demonstrable, unanswerable, conclusive, final, apodictic (or apodeictic), irrefutable, irrefragable, unimpeachable, categorical, decisive, crucial.

    Demonstrated, etc., unconfuted, unrefuted; evident, self-evident, axiomatic.

    (Phrases). Probatum est; it stands to reason; there being nothing more to be said; Q.E.D.

    (Adverbs). Of course, in consequence, consequently, as a matter of course, no wonder.

  3. Confutation (Substantives), refutation, disproof, conviction, redargution, invalidation, exposure, exposition; demolition of an argument; a clincher, retort.
  4. (Phrases). Reductio ad absurdum; a knock-down argument; a tu quoque argument.

    (Verbs). To confute, refute, disprove, redargue, expose, show the fallacy of, knock the bottom out of, rebut, defeat, overthrow, demolish, explode, overturn, invalidate, silence, reduce to silence.

    (Phrases). To clinch an argument or question; to give one a set-down.

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