Indefinite time, aorist.

    (Adjective). Aoristic.

    (Adverbs). At that time, moment, etc., then, at which time, etc., on that occasion, upon, in those days.

    When, whenever, whensoever, upon which, on which occasions, at another or a different time, etc., otherwhile, otherwhiles, at various times, ever and anon.

    (Phrases). Once upon a time; one day.

  • Synchronism (Substantives), synchronisation, coexistence, coincidence, simultaneousness, coevality, contemporaneousness, contemporaneity, concurrence, concomitance.
  • Having equal times, isochronism.

    A contemporary, coeval.

    (Verbs). To coexist, concur, accompany, synchronise.

    (Adjectives). Synchronous, synchronal, synchronistic, simultaneous, coexisting, coincident, concomitant, concurrent, coeval, coetaneous, contemporary, contemporaneous, coeternal, isochronous.

    (Adverbs). At the same time, simultaneously, etc., together, during the same time, etc., in the interim, in the same breath, pari passu, meantime, meanwhile 106, while, whilst.

  • Prospective time.
  • Futurity (Substantives), the future, futurition, the approaching time, hereafter, the time to come, after time, after age, the coming time, the morrow, after days, hours, years, etc., after life, millennium, doomsday, the day of judgment, the crack of doom.

    The approach of time, the process of time, advent, time drawing on, the womb of time.

    Prospection, anticipation, prospect, perspective, expectation 507, horizon, outlook, heritage, heirs, posterity, descendants, heir apparent, heir presumptive.

    Future existence, future state, post-existence, after-life, beyond.

    (Verbs). To look forward, anticipate, have in prospect, keep in view, wait 133, expect.

    (Phrases). Lie in wait for; bide one's time; to wait impatiently; kick one's heels; dance attendance.

    To impend, hang over, lie over, approach, await, threaten, overhang, draw near, prepare.

    (Phrases). To be in the wind; to loom in the future.

    (Adjectives). Future, to come, coming, going to happen, approaching, impending, instant, at hand, about to be or happen, next, hanging, awaiting, forthcoming, near, near at hand, imminent, threatening, brewing, preparing, in store, eventual, ulterior, in view, in prospect, prospective, in perspective, in the horizon, in the wind, on the cards, that will be, overhanging.

    Unborn, in embryo, in the womb of time.

    (Phrase). All in good time.

    (Adverbs). Prospectively, hereafter, by and by, some fine day, one of these days, anon, in future, to- morrow, in course of time, in process of time, sooner or later, proximo, paulo post futurum, in after time.

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