Sublime Porte to Suet

Sublime Porte. Turkish court, Porte, Ottoman government.

Sublimity, n.

    1. Elevation, lofty height.
    2. Grandeur, greatness, nobleness, loftiness, exaltation, nobility, sublimeness.
    3. Exaltation, elevation.
    4. Loftiness, grandeur, greatness.

Sublunary, a. Earthly, mundane, terrestrial, subastral, subcelestial, sublunar.

Submarine, a. Subaqueous, subaquatic.

Submerge, v. a.

    1. Immerse, plunge, sink, submerse.
    2. Deluge, flood, overflow, overwhelm, inundate, cover with water, drown.

Submerge, v. n.

    1. Plunge, sink, submerse.
    2. Be merged, be incorporated, be included.

Submerse, v. a. See Submerge.

Submission, n.

    1. Surrender, cession, yielding.
    2. Obedience, resignation, compliance, acquiescence.
    3. Submissiveness, lowliness, humility, meekness, humiliation, self-abasement, state of being submissive.
    4. Endurance, sufferance, long-sufferance, forbearance, fortitude, patience.
    5. Acknowledgment, confession, penitence, contrition.

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