Table of contents
Sabaoth to Sangreal  
Sanguinary to Scandent  
Scant to Scour  
Scourge to Sear  
Search to Seldom  
Select to Serenely  
Serenity to Severity  
Sew to Sheer  
Sheet-anchor to Shrewd  
Shrewdness to Sin  
Sinapism to Slacken  
Slackly to Slum  
Slumber to Snip  
Snipe to Solitary  
Solitude to Soupcon  
Sour to Spelling  
Spelling-book to Sport  
Sportive to Stable  
Stable-man to Starry  
Start to Stick  
Stick at to Stool  
Stool—pigeon to Street-walker  
Strength to Stubbed  
Stubborn to Sublime  
Sublime Porte to Suet  
Suffer to Superintend  
Superintendence to Surveillant  
Survey to Sweet-scabious  
Sweet-scented to Systematize  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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