Preliminary, a. Introductory, preparatory, prefatory, proemial, prelusive, prelusory, precursory, precursive, initiatory, previous, prior, precedent, antecedent.

Preliminary, n. Introduction, preparatory step, act, or measure. See Prelude.

Prelude, n. Introduction, preparation, prelusion, preliminary, preface, preamble, proem, exordium. See Prologue.

Prelusive, Prelusory, a. Introductory, prefatory. See Preliminary.

Premature, a.

    1. Precocious, too forward, too soon ripe.
    2. Unseasonable, too early, untimely, precipitate, hasty, ill-considered, sooner than intended, sooner than due, unmatured.

Prematurely, ad. Precociously, too early, too soon.

Premeditate, v. a. Precontrive, plan beforehand, deliberate, deliberately intend, predetermine, predesign, plan, plot, prearrange.

Premeditation, n. Forethought, previous deliberation, reflection, or thought, predetermination, deliberate intent or intention, design, distinct purpose.

Premier, n. Prime minister.

Premise, v. a. Preface, lay down beforehand, state at the outset, set forth at the beginning, explain previously.

Premise, v. n. Begin, enter upon the subject, open, set out.

Premise, n.

    1. Antecedent, proposition, ground, argument, support.
    2. [Only in pl.] Conditions, relations, facts rehearsed, circumstances.

Premium, n.

    1. Reward, recompense, remuneration, meed, guerdon, encouragement, douceur, bounty, prize, bonus.
    2. Annual rate (of insurance), yearly payment.
    3. Rate above par, amount over par, enhancement, appreciation.

Premonish, v. a. Forewarn, caution, warn, give warning to.

Premonition, n. Caution, warning, indication, foreshadowing, forewarning, sign, omen, presage, portent.

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