Preternaturally to Problem

Preternaturally, ad. Exceedingly, unusually.

Pretext, n. Show, appearance, affectation, semblance, guise, cloak, simulation, mask, color, pretence.

Pretty, a.

    1. Pleasing without being striking, moderately beautiful, bonny, beautiful (without dignity or grandeur), comely, fair.
    2. Pleasing, neat, elegant without grandeur.
    3. Nice, fine, excellent (used ironically, meaning the opposite).
    4. Affectedly nice, foppish, affected, petty.

Pretty, ad. Moderately, tolerably, considerably, in some degree.

Prevail, v. n.

    1. Overcome.
    2. Predominate, preponderate, succeed, have the superiority, gain the advantage, be in the ascendant, get the upper hand, carry the day, win the day, gain the day, win the palm.
    3. Obtain, have effect, power, or influence, have sway, have currency, be in vogue, be rife.

Prevailing, a.

    1. Effectual, dominant, predominant, efficacious, preponderating, persuading, controlling, ruling, overruling, influential, operative, successful.
    2. Prevalent, most common, most general.

Prevail on. Prevail upon. Persuade (by argument), influence, induce.

Prevail with. Persuade (by an appeal to the feelings), influence, induce.

Prevalence Prevalency, n.

    1. Superiority, success, predominance, preponderance.
    2. Influence, efficacy, power, force, strength, operation.
    3. Universality, wide extension, general reception, general existence.

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