Practically to Prefiguration

Practically, ad.

    1. See Practical.
    2. Actually, as a matter of fact, in fact, in effect, so far as results are concerned.

Practice, n.

    1. Custom, habit, wont, frequent repetition.
    2. Use, usage, customary course.
    3. Acting out, actual performance, doing, habitual doing.
    4. Exercise (as of a profession), pursuit, application
    5. Exercise, drill, habitual performance (for skill’s sake), constant exercise or use.
    6. Actions, acts, behavior, conduct, proceeding, dealing.

Practise, v. a. [Written also Practice.]

    1. Do or perform repeatedly, exercise or drill one’s self in.
    2. Exercise, apply, pursue, carry on, use.
    3. Put into action or practice, carry out, do, perform, perpetrate.

Practised, a. Experienced, instructed, versed, thoroughbred, trained, accomplished, proficient, able, skilled, qualified, practical, au fait.

Pragmatical, a.

    1. Meddling, officious, meddlesome, impertinent, intermeddling, interfering, intrusive, obtrusive, over- busy.
    2. Very matter-of-fact, absorbed in realism, hostile to ideals, fond of the material, obtuse to ideas, stolid, of the earth, earthy.

Praise, n.

    1. Commendation, approval, approbation. See Applause.

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