Prefigure to Preternatural

Prefigure, v. a. Foreshow, foretoken, betoken, foreshadow, portend, signify, indicate.

Pregnant, a.

    1. With child, gravid, great with child, enceinte.
    2. Fraught, replete, full, teeming with meaning, important, significant.
    3. Fruitful, fertile, prolific, productive, impregnating, generative, fecund, procreant.

Prejudge, v. a. Forejudge, prejudicate.

Prejudgment, n. Prejudice.

Prejudicate, v. a. See Prejudge.

Prejudice, n.

    1. Prejudgment, prepossession (against), bias, unfairness, preconception, partiality.
    2. Harm, mischief, hurt, detriment, loss, injury, damage, disadvantage, impairment.

Prejudice, v. a.

    1. Bias, warp, prepossess unfavorably, influence against.
    2. Injure, damage, hurt, impair, diminish.

Prejudiced, a. Biassed, bigoted, wedded to an opinion, unfair, partial, partisan, one-sided.

Prejudicial, a. Hurtful, mischievous, injurious, detrimental, deleterious, noxious, damaging, disadvantageous, unfavorable, inimical, hostile.

Prelacy, n.

    1. Office of prelate, prelateship, prelature, episcopal office.
    2. Episcopacy, prelatism, hierarchy, hierarchism, hierocracy.

Prelate, n. Archbishop, bishop, cardinal, patriarch, primate, pope, pontiff, ecclesiastic in authority.

Prelect, v. n. Lecture, discourse, read, deliver lectures.

Prelection, n. Lecture, discourse, reading.

Prelector, n. Lecturer, reader.

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