Eulogium to Ex cathedra

Eulogium, n. Praise. See eulogy.

Eulogize, v. a. Extol, laud, applaud. See praise, v.

Eulogy, n.

    1. Eulogistic speech or discourse, eulogium, panegyric, éloge.
    2. Praise, laudation, encomium, panegyric, applause, commendation.

Eupepsia, Eupepsy, n. Good digestion.

Euphemism, n.

    1. Softened expression (to avoid offending by harshness, or by indelicacy).
    2. Over-delicacy of speech, affected refinement of language, euphuism.

Euphonic, Euphonical, a. See euphonious.

Euphonious, a. Euphonic, mellifluous, clear, silvery, musical, sweet-toned, sweetly flowing, free from harshness, mellow, melodious, harmonious.

Euphony, n. Agreeable sound (in language), smoothness, ease of utterance.

Euphrasy, n. (Bot.) Eye-bright, euphrasia (Euphrasia officinalis).

Euphuism, n.

    1. Purism, finical style, fastidious delicacy (in the use of language), affected elegance.
    2. High-flown diction, pompous style, extravagantly ornate diction.

Euthanasia, Euthanasy, n.

    1. Easy death, peaceful death, ease in death or in dying.
    2. Painless execution.
    3. Means of painless death.

Eutrophy, n. Healthy nutrition.

Euxine, n. Black Sea, Pontic Sea, the Pontic, the Pontus.

Evacuant, a. (Med.) Purgative, cathartic, abstergent, cleansing.

Evacuant, n. Cathartic, purgative, purgative medicine.

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