Erratic to Eulogistic

Erratic, a.

    1. Wandering, roving, rambling, nomadic.
    2. Moving, planetary.
    3. Irregular, eccentric, abnormal.

Erratum, n. [L.]

    1. Corrigendum, correction.
    2. Misprint, error, mistake.

Errhine, n. Sternutatory.

Erring, a. Sinful, fallible, peccable, liable to err.

Erroneous, a. False, incorrect, inexact, inaccurate, wrong, untrue, mistaken.

Error, n.

    1. Mistake, blunder, misapprehension, oversight, inaccuracy.
    2. Sin, fault, offence, trespass, transgression, delinquency, iniquity, misdoing, misdeed, shortcoming, wrong-doing.

Errors, n. pl. (In printing.) Errata, corrigenda, misprints.

Erse, n. Gaelic language, Gaelic.

Erubescent, a. Reddish, blushing, rubicund.

Eruct, v. a and v. n. See eructate.

Eructate, v. a. Belch, belch forth, eject (as wind from the stomach).

Eructate, v. n. (Rare.) Belch, eject wind from the stomach.

Eructation, n. Belching.

Erudite, a. Learned, lettered, well-read, deeply read.

Erudition, n. Knowledge (gained by reading and study), learning, lore, scholarship, literary learning, historical and archæological lore.

Erupt, v. n. Burst forth, give vent to eruptions, be in eruption.

Erupt, v. a. Hurl forth, eject, cast forth violently.

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