Excavate to Exert one’s self

Excavate, v. a. Hollow, hollow out, scoop out, dig out, cut out.

Excavation, n.

    1. Excavating. See the verb.
    2. Cutting, cavity, hollow, cut.

Exceed, v. a.

    1. Transcend, surpass, cap, go beyond.
    2. Excel, outdo, outstrip, outvie, surpass, be superior to.

Exceed, v. n.

    1. Go too far, overstep the proper limit.
    2. Be the greater, bear the greater proportion, predominate, preponderate.

Exceedingly, ad. Very, highly, greatly, extremely, vastly, beyond measure, to a great or unusual degree.

Excel, v. a.

    1. Surpass, outdo, outvie, outrival, outstrip, beat, be superior to, cast in the shade, throw into the shade, eclipse.
    2. Exceed, transcend, cap, go beyond, surpass.

Excel, v. n. Win eminence, gain or have excellence, surpass others, attain superiority, win or acquire distinction, be superior, be eminent, bear the palm, bear the bell, take precedence.

Excellence, n.

    1. Superiority, eminence, distinction, pre-eminence, transcendence.
    2. Good quality, superior quality, superior goodness, superiority.
    3. Valuable point or property or characteristic, advantage, good point, good quality, valuable feature or trait.
    4. Worth, goodness, uprightness, probity, purity.

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