Enunciation to Errata

Enunciation, n.

    1. Declaration, utterance, expression, announcement.
    2. Elocution, articulation, manner of utterance.

Enunciative, a. Declarative, expressive, declaratory, enunciatory.

Enunciatory, a. Declarative, enunciative, expressive, declaratory.

Enure, v. n. [Written also and usually Inure.] (Law.) Be applied, come into use, take effect.

Envelop, v. a.

    1. Enfold, inwrap, wrap, fold, wrap up, put a wrapper about.
    2. Surround, encircle, encompass, enfold, fold, cover, hide.

Envelop, n. See envelope.

Envelope, n. [Fr.]

    1. Wrapper, covering, case, capsule.
    2. (Fort.) Mount (to cover a weak part.)
    3. (Astron.) Coma.

Envenom, v. a.

    1. Poison, taint with venom.
    2. Embitter, taint with malice, fill with hate, render malignant.
    3. Enrage, exasperate, incense, provoke, irritate, madden, aggravate, inflame, make furious.

Enviable, a. Desirable, to be envied.

Envious, a.

    1. Jealous, disposed to envy.
    2. Grudging.

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