Enviousness, n. See envy, n.

Environ, v. a.

    1. Surround, encompass, encircle, envelop, gird, begird, engird, belt, enclose.
    2. Invest, besiege, beset, encompass.

Environs, n. pl. Neighborhood, vicinity, vicinage.

Envoy n. Minister, ambassador, legate, plenipotentiary.

Envy, v. a.

    1. Hate (for excellence or success), view with jealousy, feel ill-will toward.
    2. Grudge, begrudge.
    3. Be discontented at, repine at (another’s prosperity).
    4. Long for, earnestly desire, desire eagerly and emulously, emulate.

Envy, n.

    1. Hate (on account of excellence or success), hatred, jealousy, spite, enviousness, ill-will.
    2. Grudging, grudge.
    3. Object of envy, person to be envied.

Ephemeral, a. short-lived, transitory, transient, fleeting, flitting, evanescent, fugitive, fugacious, momentary, brief.

Ephemeris, n. [Gr. pl. Ephemerides.]

    1. Journal, diary.
    2. (Astron.) Astronomical almanac or calendar.

Epic, a. Narrative, heroic.

Epic, n. Narrative, poem, epic poem, heroic poem.

Epicedial, Epicedian, a. Elegiac, mournful, funereal

Epicedium, n. Elegy, dirge, lament, mournful song, funeral song.

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