Confute to Consonant

Confute, v. a.

    1. Overthrow (by argument), overcome (in debate), convict of error, put to silence, silence.
    2. Disprove, refute, prove to be false.

Congé, n. [Fr.] Leave, farewell.

Congeal, v. a. Freeze, turn or convert to ice.

Congeal, v. n. Freeze, be or become frozen, turn or be converted into ice.

Congelation, n. Freezing.

Congener, n. Kindred, allied or cognate species, or objects.

Congenial, a.

    1. Kindred, similar, sympathetic.
    2. Suited, adapted, proper, suitable, natural, agreeable.
    3. Favorable, agreeable, genial, (said of climate, etc.).

Congenital, a. Connate, connatural, inborn, cœval with birth, existing at or from birth.

Congeries, n. Aggregate, aggregation, agglomeration, conglomeration, compages, compage, crowd, cluster, crowded series.

Congestion, n. (Med.) Repletion, plethora (of blood).

Conglomerate, n. Pudding-stone.

Conglomeration, n. See congeries.

Congratulate, v. a. Felicitate, compliment, gratulate, wish joy to, rejoice with.

Congratulation, n. Felicitation, gratulation.

Congratulatory, a. Gratulatory.

Congregate, v. a. Assemble, collect, muster, gather, convene, convoke, bring together.

Congregate, v. n. Assemble, meet, collect, muster, gather, convene, throng, come or crowd together, come together, meet together.

Congregation, n. Assembly, meeting, collection.

Congress, n.

    1. Meeting, assembly, convention, council, conference.

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