Concurrent to Confutation

Concurrent, a.

    1. Agreeing, harmonizing, coincident.
    2. Conjoined, united, associate, associated, attendant, concomitant.
    3. Joint and equal, of equal authority.

Concussion, n.

    1. Shaking, agitation.
    2. Clash, shock, crash, violent collision.

Condemn, v. a.

    1. Sentence, doom.
    2. Pronounce guilty, utter (judicial) sentence against.
    3. Disapprove utterly, proscribe, reprobate.
    4. Censure, blame, disapprove, reprove, upbraid, pass censure on.
    5. Adjudge (a ship) to be unseaworthy, decide (anything) unfit for use.
    6. Confiscate, declare (to be) forfeited.

Condemnation, n.

    1. Act of condemning, condemning, sentencing, dooming.
    2. Sentence of punishment, judgment, sentence, penalty.
    3. Utter disapproval, proscription, banning.
    4. Guilt, sin, wrong, ground of condemnation, condemning fact, ill-desert, what deserves condemnation.
    5. Blame, censure, reproof, disapproval, disapprobation.

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