Consort to Contract

Consort, n. Companion (especially a wife or a husband or one vessel of a fleet), partner, associate.

Consort with. Associate with, keep company with.

Conspectus, n. [L.] Outline, epitome, abstract, summary, compend, compendium, synopsis, syllabus, digest, brief, breviary, general view.

Conspicuous, a.

    1. Visible, discernible, perceptible, apparent, noticeable, plain, clear, in plain sight.
    2. Eminent, pre-eminent, prominent, distinguished, remarkable, noted, celebrated, marked, famed, famous, illustrious.

Conspiracy, n. Plot, combination, cabal, complot, intrigue, machination.

Conspire, v. n.

    1. Co-operate, conduce, tend, concur.
    2. Combine (for some evil design), plot, confederate, intrigue, cabal.

Conspire, v. a. Plot, contrive, devise, project, compass.

Constancy, n.

    1. Stability, immutability, unchangeableness, permanence.
    2. Uniformity, regularity.
    3. Inflexibility, steadiness, steadfastness, firmness, resolution, determination, decision, tenacity of purpose.
    4. Fidelity, faithfulness, loyalty, truth, devotion.

Constant, a.

    1. Stable, fixed, immutable, unvaried, invariable, unchanging, permanent, perpetual.
    2. Uniform, regular, stated, certain.
    3. Resolute, firm, steady, steadfast, stanch, determined, unshaken, unwavering.
    4. Persevering, assiduous, unremitting.

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