Coequal to Combustion

Coequal, a. Co-ordinate, of like rank, of the same rank, of equal dignity or power, on a level, on a par.

Coerce, v. a.

    1. Restrain, curb, check, repress, put under restraint.
    2. Compel, force, drive, constrain.

Coercion, n.

    1. Restraint, check, curb, repression.
    2. Compulsion, constraint, force.

Coercive, a.

    1. Coercing, checking, restraining, curbing, repressing, repressive.
    2. Constraining, compelling, compulsory.

Coetaneous, a. See coeval.

Coeval, a. Coetaneous, of the same age.

Coexist, v. n. Exist together, exist at the same time.

Coexistent, a. Simultaneous, synchronous.

Coffer, n.

    1. Chest, box, casket, trunk.
    2. Money-chest, strong-box, safe.
    3. (Arch.) Sunk panel, caisson, lacunar.

Coffin, n. Burial chest, burial casket, sarcophagus.

Coffin, v. a.

    1. Put or enclose in a coffin.
    2. Confine, shut up, imprison, crib.

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