Come to Communication

Come, v. n.

    1. Approach, advance, draw near, tend hitherward.
    2. Arrive, get to, reach or attain any place or point.
    3. [With from.] Proceed, issue, arise, result, follow, flow, ensue, originate, be derived, be due or owing, take rise.
    4. Happen, occur, befall, betide, take place, come to pass, fall out, come about.

Come about. Happen, come to pass. See preceding.

Come at. Reach, obtain, get at.

Come by. Get, obtain, gain, get possession of.

Comedian, n. Comic actor.

Come home.

    1. Get home, reach home.
    2. Touch closely, interest deeply, concern especially.

Come in.

    1. Enter.
    2. Accrue (as gain).

Come in for. Make a claim for, become subject to, or open to.

Come into.

    1. Enter.
    2. Comply with, assent to, fall in with.

Comeliness, n.

    1. Propriety, fitness, suitableness, seemliness.
    2. Symmetry, grace, gracefulness, beauty.

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