3. Elegant, polished, refined, chaste, pure, Attic.

Classicalism, n. Classicism, classical taste, idiom, style, or expression.

Classicism, n. See classicalism.

Classification, n. Arrangement, disposition, distribution, grouping, reducing to order.

Classify, v. a. Arrange, class, distribute, distribution, group, form into classes, reduce to order.

Classmate, n. Class-fellow.

Clatter, v. n.

    1. Rattle, clash.
    2. Prate, prattle, babble, clack, gabble, clatter, jabber, talk loudly.

Clatter, n. Rattling, clattering, clutter, confused noise.

Clattering, n. See clatter.

Clause, n.

    1. Subordinate sentence, sentential term.
    2. Article, provision, proviso, condition, stipulation.

Clavate, Clavated, a. (Bot. and Zoöl.) Claviform, clubshaped.

Clavicle, n. Collar-bone.

Claviform, a. (Bot.) Clavate, clavated, club-shaped.

Clavis, n. [L. pl. Claves; Eng. pl. Clavises.] Key, explanation, clew, guide.

Claw, n. Talon.

Claw, v. a. Tear (with the claws), scratch, lacerate, laniate.

Clay, n.

    1. Argillaceous earth (consisting principally of alumina and silica.)
    2. [Scriptural or poetic.] Flesh (of man, as perishable), mortal part, earthly part, earthly substance, perishable substance.

Clean, a.

    1. Unstained, unspotted, spotless, unsoiled, unsullied, immaculate, cleanly, neat.

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