Chouse to Clash

Chouse, v. a. Deceive, cheat, trick, delude, defraud, swindle, dupe, gull, bamboozle, cozen, overreach, circumvent, beguile, hoodwink, victimize, take in, impose upon, put upon, practise upon, play upon.

Chouse n.

    1. Dupe, tool, gull, simpleton, cully.
    2. Trick, cheat, wile, ruse, imposture, imposition. fraud, deception, circumvention, deceit, double-dealing, stratagem, artifice, delusion, crafty device, piece of knavery, bit of finesse.

Chowchow, n. [Chinese] Mixed pickles.

Chowchow, a. Mixed of several sorts.

Christ, n. The Anointed, The Messiah, Jesus, Immanuel, The Saviour, The Redeemer, The Mediator, The Intercessor, The Advocate, The Judge, The Son of God, The Son of Man, The Lamb of God, The Word.

Christen, v. a.

    1. Baptize.
    2. Denominate, name, term, designate, style, call, dub, entitle, title.

Christian, n.

    1. Disciple of Christ.
    2. Inhabitant of Christendom, native of Christendom, member of Christendom.

Christianity, n.

    1. Religion of Christians, Christian religion, teachings of Christ, the Gospel, divine revelation.
    2. Christian disposition, Christ-like temper, Christian spirit, Christian Character.

Christian name. Baptismal name (as distinguished from the family name or surname), given name, prænomen.

Christmas rose. Black hellebore (Helleboru. niger).

Chrome-yellow, n. Chromate of lead.

Chronic, a. Inveterate, deep-seated, of long duration.

Chronicle, n.

    1. Register (of events in the order of time), diary, journal.

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