Clashing to Clog

Clashing, n.

    1. Clang, clank, clangor, clash, crash.
    2. Opposition, interference, clash, jar, jarring, disagreement, contradiction, hostility, enmity.

Clasp, v. a.

    1. Fasten with a clasp.
    2. Grasp, grip, clutch, grapple, put the fingers around, lay hold of, fasten upon.
    3. Embrace, hug, fold.

Clasp, n.

    1. Hook, catch. See hasp.
    2. Embrace, hug.

Class, n.

    1. Rank or order (of persons).
    2. Set (as of pupils pursuing the same studies).
    3. Scientific division (of animate or inanimate objects, including orders, genera, and species), kind. sort.
    4. Category, division, head, group, collection.

Class, v. a. Arrange, rank, range, classify, dispose, distribute, form into classes.

Class-fellow, n. Classmate.

Classic, n. First-rate work (of literature), work of the first class, standard work, model production, master- piece, chef d’œuvre.

Classic, Classical, a.

    1. First-rate, of the first class (in literature), standard, model, master, masterly.
    2. Greek or Latin, Greek and Latin, Grecian and Roman.

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