motion, water, at least in some cases, being actually carried up in considerable quantity, and scattered round from a great height, as solid bodies are by tornadoes on land. Sir J. Herschel.

Water sprite
(Wa"ter sprite`) A sprite, or spirit, imagined as inhabiting the water. J. R. Drake.

(Wa"ter-stand`ing) a. Tear- filled. [R.] "Many an orphan's water-standing eye." Shak.

Water star grass
(Wa"ter star" grass`) (Bot.) An aquatic plant (Schollera graminea) with grassy leaves, and yellow star-shaped blossoms.

Water starwort
(Wa"ter star"wort`) See under Starwort.

Water supply
(Wa"ter sup*ply") A supply of water; specifically, water collected, as in reservoirs, and conveyed, as by pipes, for use in a city, mill, or the like.

Water tabby
(Wa"ter tab"by) A kind of waved or watered tabby. See Tabby, n., 1.

Water table
(Wa"ter ta"ble) (Arch.) A molding, or other projection, in the wall of a building, to throw off the water, — generally used in the United States for the first table above the surface of the ground that is, for the table at the top of the foundation and the beginning of the upper wall.

(Wa"ter*tath`) n. [Water + tath, n.] A kind of coarse grass growing in wet grounds, and supposed to be injurious to sheep. [Prov. Eng.]

Water thermometer
(Wa"ter ther*mom"e*ter) (Physics) A thermometer filled with water instead of mercury, for ascertaining the precise temperature at which water attains its maximum density. This is about 39° Fahr., or 4° Centigrade; and from that point down to 32° Fahr., or 0° Centigrade, or the freezing point, it expands.

Water thief
(Wa"ter thief`) A pirate. [R.] Shak.

Water thrush
(Wa"ter thrush`) (Zoöl.) (a) A North American bird of the genus Seiurus, belonging to the Warbler family, especially the common species (S. Noveboracensis). (b) The European water ousel. (b) The pied wagtail.

Water thyme
(Wa"ter thyme`) (Bot.) See Anacharis.

Water tick
(Wa"ter tick`) Same as Water mite.

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